Moving from a Summer to a Winter Wedding

Let's be honest, COVID-19 has decimated the Wedding Season for 2020 and while this has been fairly distressing for many couples and their families there is still going to be a wedding - you just get to look forward to it that bit longer and you can now look forward to your day in the enchanting seasons of Autumn or Winter.

Think of it this way - you get to go back a bit and make changes to your plans, should you so wish. With that in mind, I have gathered together some top tips to make this transition as easy as possible - and have some fun!

Start with your on the day timings schedule, remembering that daylight hours are much shorter- therefore your photographs need to be done earlier. There is an opportunity though to have some stunning sunset photos with your professional photographer so be sure to have that conversation.

It’s a simple reality that the weather in the U.K is unpredictable so if you haven’t done so, then make sure you have a conversation with your venue to establish ways in which to have your day indoors if necessary. Ensure you discuss the best spots for photos – the indoor ceremony if you are planning on an outdoor one – the indoor bar for your drinks reception that you may have had planned for guests to be outside up until this point.

You may also wish to consider changing your food options to something more warming. If you were planning on having a BBQ, then maybe consider a more traditional hot buffet or a similar alternative. Maybe your venue already accommodates outdoor dining options, with undercover BBQ, so be sure that you can provide things like blankets, heaters and handwarmer to tempt those guests outside.

Now this is surely a tip for a Bride in any season – take alternative shoes. Throw your favourite trainers, boots, even a new pair of something flat, into a bag and have it with you on the day, (sounds like a job for one of the Bridesmaids to me) so that you are able to take on the weather and walk outside without destroying those magical shoes.

The décor may require a touch of additional lighting, so candles are always special and add a beautiful element to any setting. However, should your venue say ‘NO’ to candles then consider going for lanterns and battery-operated alternatives.

If your wedding is around Christmas be sure to speak to your venue regarding the extra décor they will undoubtedly have. Consider that there will most probably be a Christmas tree in the room which may take up a fair bit of space - hopefully, the venue will have had previous weddings and will be prepared for this. Also, the flowers you choose for the summer wedding bouquet may not be available in the different season or necessarily go with the winter décor in the venue. Simply talk to your florist for alternatives and do not be afraid to ask them what they would recommend.

#Weddingdresses for the summer are notoriously different from ones for an Autumn/ Winter wedding. When you purchased your dress, you had a summer wedding in mind so think about whether you, your Bridesmaids and the Mum’s are going to need to add something to keep you a little warmer.

And finally, look forward to your day – it is a big day and the time of year will not really matter when you are stood saying ‘I will’ - If you need help rearranging your postponed wedding, get in touch at

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