How I became a wedding planner.

My Story... I’ve always loved planning things.

Growing up, I used to plan mini talent competitions on my estate and loads of school events, including our prom.  Due to injuries, a few weeks before I was due to start University, I completely changed my mind as to what I wanted to do.

Looking through the prospectus, in a panic, I came across Event Management. ‘Perfect,’ I thought. I did a huge project on the Wedding Industry and completely fell in love with it. However, mental health issues had plagued me since I was 14, and after only six months, I decided to drop out of university due to daily panic attacks. 

I spent the next few years managing nightclubs, but my injuries were not getting better - cold late nights weren’t helping, so I left nightclubs and became a golf clubhouse manager. Whilst there, I organised all the events, really enjoying this side of business. My interest was captured, and I thrived at bringing all the possibilities for people’s specific requests and requirements together. Whilst researching, I started to find other suppliers at various differing prices for items to decorate venue rooms with. It became apparent that I could set up for myself and save the Golf club money. So, I ran my venue dressing business alongside working at the golf club.

After a few months business was going really well and I had some decisions to make, because something had to give. I wanted to return to University and finish what I had started but I now knew how to be an Events Manager - I had been doing it for years without a degree. Something else then was perhaps the way forward so I looked at and then applied for a place to do a Business Management Degree.

With a new small thriving business, I hoped it would be the perfect combination of studying and having my business income to support me after leaving a well-paid full-time role at the golf club. 

Look out for the next part to see how I am now studying and running several of my own successful businesses

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