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Following on from my last blog here are a few more options for wedding venues.

Remember that I offer a venue sourcing service to help find the perfect venue to fit your wedding vibe and budget.


Looking for a rustic theme? With this venue ‘rustic’ is absolutely guaranteed as Barns ooze charm and the external environment will provide incredible backdrops for your photos.

Rustic is literally what every couple I speak to is considering and if you are one of the many then do a search and you will be amazed at what is available for your day.

Now this might sound a bit off the wall and quirky but if you hire a working farm then you could maybe use the animals for some truly original photo shots.


If you or your future spouse are massive foodies, then a restaurant makes a lot of sense – especially if you have a favourite one. Naturally, the food will be great, but the venue will come with tables, chairs and décor that you may not get with other venues. A restaurant can offer a more intimate atmosphere and if you do have history at a particular favourite then having your wedding there will create wonderful memories.

Town Hall

These tend to come with beautiful indoor surroundings with a vintage vibe although on the outside they may not be located in the prettiest of places- especially in cities. They are great for those wanting to stay local, but they will come with restrictions and rules in terms of vendors and timings so make sure you’re aware of all of these before booking. Numbers will be limited although some can be quite large.

Village Hall

If the local community means a lot to you then these can be a couples first choice. They tend to be relatively cheap so can be perfect for those on a budget – The blank canvas that they offer allow creativity and can work with any theme. Less travel and easy for all your guests who live locally – this venue can be a win-win option.

Conference Centre

This type of venue offers a variety of different sized rooms and also has the added bonus of room dividers – providing the opportunity to change the size of the rooms you have for the wedding.

Reasonable priced, conference centres tend to have fairly neutral colour schemes, although the older ones may have a ‘conference center’ carpet, and they tend to be available at the weekend owing to the fact that they are often in demand in the week.


Now this is great if you want a huge empty space where you can fill it with whatever you want. If you are creative and have big ideas, then this venue really is for you. Sourcing the vendors can be stressful but if you are someone who likes to plan and gets the preparation under control (like me) then this would be fun.

The large empty space means you can fill it with not only great vendors, but also guests – lots of guests – and lots of guests helps create one hell of a party!

Golf Club

This venue tends to be the perfect setting if the bride or groom play golf, or maybe a family member does and therefore a discount is often applicable. The golf course itself provides a stunning backdrop for photographs and provides a wonderfully relaxed feel to the day – all that greenery.

Normally there will be in house catering but there is also the option of adding food vans within the outdoor spaces. Plus, there is also the opportunity to add games to the day – do not go wasting all that outside space.

Sports Venue

With the availability of superbly sized hospitality event spaces, most sports grounds offer a great venue for sports fans.

If one or both of you have a favourite team then having your wedding at the ground, with the potential for photographs on the pitch and in other key spaces around the stadium, is for you.

There will, obviously be limitations on available dates due to fixtures, but with some careful planning these venues can be fantastic, and averagely priced.

Look out for my next blog coming very soon....

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