Donnington Park Farmhouse Wedding

Donnington Park Farmhouse is a dream of a venue to decorate and this was another wedding that I was really excited to be helping with.

Sally, the bride, had created some really detailed plans of what she wanted for her day and I was determined to make those plans a reality.

The night before the wedding we had access to the venue which boasts the ‘hitching’ room where the ceremony takes place and the pig sty, where the reception is held.

Whilst Sally and team bride worked on making the hitching room look gorgeous, I took to the ladders and began to fill the roof of the pig sty with lanterns.

Next, we turned our attention to the wall and table décor before closing the doors behind us and leaving with an air of excited expectations.

The next time Sally would walk through those doors she would be moments away from getting married.

I returned early the following morning to add the finishing touches to the inside and then set about creating a visual delight in the courtyard outside which would welcome the couple and their guests.

This included lots of bunting, shepherds’ hooks to place which would hold lanterns on the grass, lots of signs directing the guests and tables to move and decorate. There were also lots of props which required placing, including a penny farthing bike before I moved onto decorating the gift and cake tables.

Angus, the groom, had been given the nerve-wracking job of collecting and then bringing the cake to the venue – and boy was he nervous. Not only did he have to transport it, but he also had to assemble it.

As he began to unbox the cake it became apparent that there had been some movement – he promised that he’d driven slowly – and the cake had undergone a little bit of what we call ‘sliding’, subsequently, each tier didn’t look quite right.

Both men had turned pale. ‘Breathe,’ I said, as I shooed them away, contemplating how I could repair the damage. Slowly, and ever so carefully, I managed to slide and coax the cake tiers from the box and began to lay them out on the table. I then placed each tier on top of the other, disguising any little issue areas with a few of the flowers that had been left to decorate the tables.

It now looked more like the cake Sally had ordered and less like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Both the groom and best man were grateful that I’d managed to fix the cake and that their heads weren’t going to be on the chopping block.

As the guests started to arrive, I set about switching on the hundreds of candles and fairy lights - people often forget that someone needs to do that bit.

Sally and Angus had their perfect day underneath a perfect sky - and as far as Sally knows the cake arrived in perfect condition.

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