Choosing a Wedding Venue

Back in the golden days of yore, weddings simply took place in a church. End of.

But now there are so many different types of venue to choose from where on earth

do you start?

With this in mind, I have looked at the most popular and written a few details about



As a child did you dream of a big princess wedding? Has this dream stuck with you?

If yes, then a castle is the perfect venue for you.

They often come with a hefty price tag but for that you get exclusivity, stunning

surroundings and provided with the perfect backdrop for that fairy-tale dress!

Head north to the wilds of Scotland for a huge variety of castles to choose from. The

rest of the U’K has its fair share and with a spot of research you are sure to find the

perfect one.

It also matters not the size of your wedding party as the majority of castles –

depending on their capacity - will cater for however many guests you have.

Remember, with a castle you are paying for the breath-taking location.


With a large guest list, a hotel venue is often a good option, especially if lots of those

guests have travelling to do from far and wide. This type of venue is ideal for this

situation as having just one place for the entire wedding removes the need for

transport as the entire wedding party is all in one place.

Many of the larger and branded hotels have a variety of different spaces available to

choose from and can cater for any number of guests.

While some of the older hotels offer charming surroundings, which help add extra

character to your wedding photos.

Banquet Hall

Along with the fancy title comes the freedom to invite every single person you have

ever encountered to come as a guest to your wedding

They tend to be a one stop shop for your wedding as they will offer catering in house

as well as other services. Although not the prettiest when empty they offer a chance

for you to be creative and style the venue your own way.

Stately Home

If you are looking for a vintage vibe for your wedding, then look no further than the

Stately Home. With a host of charming spaces, both inside and outside, these

venues almost always offer exclusivity.

A grand old house also ticks the box for a ‘fairy-tale’ style wedding, minus the price

tag of the castle option, and are doted around the country. One minor issue is that

they are rarely found in cities and their location in the countryside can make

transport more difficult. There will also be a number limit due to the size of the rooms

so make sure you do your research.


Now this venue is most definitely on the ‘wow’ factor scale. Surrounded by historical

works of art and artefacts is certainly going to add something special to your day.

Museums tend to offer large spaces and although there will be rules in place to

protect the items on display this venue does provide a wide range of options. The

setting is jaw-dropping and the backgrounds stunning, which makes it a definite

contender if you are looking for something different. Remember that there will be

strict time allowances owing to its, ‘open to the public’ nature.

If you want any extra advice about finding the perfect venue, please do not hesitate

to contact me.

I offer a venue-sourcing package where I will attend initial viewings at venues with

you to make sure you find the perfect venue. This is from £100. Contact me to find

out more.

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