96 hours to plan a wedding

It’s fair to say that this year has decimated the wedding industry – no great shock to

anyone really considering the arrival of a worldwide pandemic – but for those of us

who make our living within this business it is an extremely worrying time.

I tend to plan large weddings and due to the imposed restriction on guest numbers,

the majority of my clients have had to postpone until next year.

Ezrin and Jodie, had previously planned their dream wedding, which was to be held on the stunning Island of Santorini in April this year.

And then COVID struck.

So, they moved it back to August and then back to October, both of which were

planned to be held in Santorini.

Following announcements from the Government, we met over zoom and Ezrin and

Jodie decided that they would put Santorini on hold, but still get married in late

October, but in the UK and with a guest list of thirty.

With my diary annihilated, I was looking forward to this wedding, simply for the fact of

being back in the saddle. I’m known for my organisation skills so was geared up for

their wedding celebrations.

However, it’s fair to say that just when things seem a little bit brighter, someone

comes along and dims the lights.

On Tuesday 22 nd of September I listened in horror as Boris told the nation that as of

Monday 28 th September all weddings would again be restricted. Down from the

current thirty to a maximum of fifteen guests.

I’m not ashamed to tell you that I started to cry – I scooped Ollie, my puppy, into my

arms and headed for my bed. Snuggling into Ollie’s fur and my pillow I gave way to

all the stress and tension I’d been trying to cope with.

My venting and self-pity were soon interrupted by my phone ringing – I always

answer my phone. I sat up and pressed the accept button, glancing in the mirror as I

did so – you can imagine the reflection that greeted me after a really good cry!

It was Jodie saying that they wanted to get married on Saturday so that they could

have their thirty guests.

As in four days later, Saturday!

Instinctively, I reached for my diary but strangely enough I had no wedding or event

booked in for that date.

I took a deep breath, said, 'I'll see what I can do,’ and then lay back down again.

Turning my head, I looked at Ollie, who was still wrapped up on the bed, and said,

‘well, I’d better get moving then.’

Stepping back into my office with an actual wedding to plan was so wonderful – I

was excited and instantly felt the thrill of planning surge through me.

After a few phone calls from my contacts book, the wheels were in motion and the

date was booked.

From that moment, right through Wednesday and Thursday my phone did not stop.

With emails pinging back and forwards, payments to be made, things for the day to

be collected and meetings to be had, I literally did not stop.

On Friday I spent the morning at the venue setting-up and then headed home

around two. I collapsed onto the sofa – I was exhausted, so Ollie and I watched

some tv and slept.

I woke early Saturday, going through my mental and physical checklists, and headed

out to see to the final preparations. After collecting the flowers, I arrived at the venue

just before eleven.

This part of the day is so special – all anticipation and that really lovely feel-good

atmosphere that weddings conjure up. People bustling about, adding those final

elements that make a wedding such an exceptional event in life.

I walked to the cottage next door to the venue to collect the bride. Jodie looked

stunning and although she was super nervous, she could not wait to get married.

The ceremony, which was wonderfully intimate, was held at three and both bride and

groom soon relaxed. After which a really relaxed few hours followed, with canapes,

fizz and photographs. At five-thirty the food was served and then came the

speeches, which bought a tear to everyone’s eyes, including mine.

Ezrin and Jodie had decided that despite the rule of ‘no dancing’, they were going to

hire a DJ anyway and indulge in some good music. Everyone was in high-spirits and

really enjoying themselves, which was so lovely to see, as I left to go home.

Despite having to wear a facemask and a visor for the majority of the day, I was

thrilled that I had been able to help make this couples day a reality. It wasn’t what

they had initially planned, but they were both incredibly happy with the result.

If you would like to talk about hosting your own micro wedding and would like

some helpful advice, simply email me at hello@joannecarly.com


Venue: Norton Fields

Photography: Hevans Photography

Florist: Inspirations by Naomi

Cake: Libby Lous Cake Emporium

Hair: Hollie Leah Hair

Catering: Saffron Catering

DJ: DJ Barsby

Celebrant: The Village Celebrant

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Email: hello@joannecarly.com

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